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DL1 high performance dimmable LED downlight kit


*Custom finishes and alternative drivers (DALI, fixed output etc) are possible with large orders. Please contact us with your requirements.

The Oxman Lighting DL1 LED downlight features an innovative, world-class design and revolutionary approach to thermal management. This makes it more powerful, efficient and durable, yet also sleeker and more compact. It directly benefits customers and the environment by using substantially less raw material while also excelling in output, versatility and lifetime. Key to achieving this is its proprietary, light weight and highly effective Total Surface Heat ExchangerTM which replaces the bulky, inefficient heatsink used by other lights (discover the ground breaking science behind our cooling technology here). An elegant, architectural look with signature silver rim complements DL1’s high performance. The real magic happens when the light is turned on; a beautiful, bright light to perfectly illuminate your space.

Higher output 1200 lumens (dimmable), 92CRI, 14.5W.
Longer life The DL1 downlight has an L95 lifetime of over 66,500 hours in 45ᵒC ambient while covered with insulation. Many other suppliers quote figures at 25ᵒC ambient; this doesn’t reflect Australian conditions.
IC-4 rated The DL1 downlight can be covered with insulation to save on climate control and energy costs.
Superior environmental credentials and efficiency The DL1 downlight is a stand-out when it comes to material usage and therefore environmental sustainability. It requires only 0.1kg of material, whereas comparable fittings from other suppliers can weigh more than 5 times as much due to their large heatsinks. The low material usage and ultra-long lifetime make it one of the greenest downlights on the market, all while excelling in style and performance. 
Easily retrofittable No costly site modification work when replacing old halogen fittings. The DL1 combines a large flange with a compact body to permit installation in ceiling cut-outs ranging from 60-92mm in size. Other comparable downlights generally need large openings to accommodate their large bodies.
The slimmest COB downlight available The depth of 29mm means it will fit in shallow roof cavities.
Silicone optics Silicone optics control the light beam to provide crisp illumination with superb light spread. Additional benefits are excellent protection and long-term thermal/optical stability with no risk of breakage or discolouration.
Unique, ultra-modern appearance Elegant look with signature silver rim.
Brand name components The Cree LED chip and Tridonic driver complete the kit for all-round excellent performance and reliability.

The DL1 represents a quantum leap in LED downlight performance. It is well suited to applications requiring high quality illumination, low whole of life cost and optimum environmental sustainability.


    • Light colour: 3000K warm white (great for living spaces and bedrooms) or 4000K natural white (great for work spaces and kitchens)
    • Input: 220-240V 50/60Hz
    • Output / Power: 1200 lumens / 14.5W
    • Efficacy: 83 lumens per watt
    • Dimming: Trailing edge or universal dimmers
    • Dimming range: 1-100% (dimmer dependent)
    • CRI: 92 (excellent colour rendition)
    • Ta: -25°C to +45°C
    • Lifetime at Ta 45°C: 66,500+ hours L95
    • Beam angle: 60°
    • Output to weight: 11+ lm/g (exceptionally efficient raw material usage)
    • Insulation rating: IC-4 (abutted and covered). The downlight is IC-4 rated for up to 45°C ambient. If covered with insulation, ambient temperature limit for the driver is 25°C. Place the driver above insulation for maximum lifetime. 
    • SDCM: 3 (excellent colour consistency)
    • Degree of protection: IP44 (from front only; use indoors or undercover)
    • Turn on/off time: 0.1 seconds (no delay)
    • Cut-out size: 60-92mm
    • Fitting dimensions: 29mm deep / 110mm diameter
    • Driver dimensions L x W x H (mm): 102 x 51 x 30

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Run a green light

Producing more than 11 lumens per gram, DL1 gives you a higher light output derived from less of our planet’s resources; all while delivering ultra-long life, high quality, energy saving light. You'll enjoy the most luxurious lighting while saving money and caring for the environment.